Unwrapped LNR Trading

0% trading fees. none. but you can tip me if you want


USE A BURNER WALLET! I am not liable for anything you lose! USE AT YOUR OWN RISK

This UI is under active development, I'm concerned with function, not appearance at this point! I will do my best to make sure everything works as intended

Linagee Name Registrar Address: 0x5564886ca2C518d1964E5FCea4f423b41Db9F561
LNR_SWAP_LIST_V1 Address: 0x071f7792202cDDf08d103BAE5885FF04F812D632

  • Do not list lost of names! if there is a bug i dont want you to lose all your stuff!
  • This trading contract is verified on etherscan, but has not been audited. please look it over
  • The original LNR contract has no way to delegate transfers, so listing a name requires two ETH transactions
    • One to create the listing
    • One to to send your name to the trading contract
  • It is important that you create the listing for the name FIRST (follow the steps in the UI)
  • After the listing is made, you can send the name to the contract and this will allow anyone to buy it for the price you have specified
  • If you send the name first, your name could be lost! (i built in functionality to mitigate this, but am hoping not to use it)

You must follow the steps in order!
  1. list your name
  2. verify it was listed
  3. ONLY send your LNR name AFTER you do steps 1 and 2 successfully!

List Step1: List your LNR name

Contract: LNR_SWAP_LIST_V1 This function generates a transaction and calls addListing on the LNR_SWAP contract. This will fail unless this is your token

Price (value in eth, like 0.001)

List Step2: Verify your LNR listed

Contract: LNR_SWAP_LIST_V1
This function calls currentListings[name] contract to verify that your listing processed and does not generate an ETH transaction

Name: ''
Price: ''

List Step3: Send your LNR to the contract

Contract: Linagee Name Registrar This function calls the transfer function and sends your name to the LNR_SWAP_LIST_V1 contract to finalize your listing
Name: ''
Sales bot for unwrapped LNR sales https://twitter.com/alphashroometh

Buy Step1: Check LNR Price

Type this yourself! do not EVER copy/paste!
Scammers want you to copy/paste! dont do it!
zero and capitol o look very similar!

Contract: LNR_SWAP_LIST_V1 This function checks if the token is listed, and if so, for what price. It does not generate a transaction

Buy Step2: Buy LNR

Contract: LNR_SWAP_LIST_V1 This function generates a buy transaction for the price and name below, ensure the name and price are correct!
Name: ''

Tip %
Contract: LNR_SWAP_LIST_V1

Remove Listing

This function generates a transaction to remove your name from the LNR_SWAP contract

Check Owner

Contract: Linagee Name Registrar Check owner of name



  • Do not copy/paste from this table. The CSS rules that prevent copying are there for your safety!
  • Count your letters! If the letter count doesnt match how many letters are in the word, someone is trying to trick you by hiding invisible characters or using nonstandard characters
  • Perform a find on the page to search for the name, remember to wrap it in single quotes! If you see the word but cant FIND it, its because there are nonstandard characters!
  • when you go to buy the name, type it in yourself. If you cant do that, DO NOT BUY IT!
  • There are scammers everywhere and you need to be VERY carful!

If you are in doubt, DO NOT BUY IT!

Name Character Count Price Hex