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About Me

Hi, I'm Derp Herpenstein.

I like to experiment on the ETH blockchain. If you like what I'm doing, you can keep me working by minting a DerpNation PFP and becoming a member of DerpNation.

Here's some of the things I've been working on:


cSVG - Jan 2023
Created a smart contract and javascript library to compress/decompress and render SVGs in order to save >60% gas when storing SVGs on chain.

Currently this is live on Sepolia and will be going on mainnet after some community testing. Check it out


.PFP - Dec 2022
Created a smart contract to turn any NFT into an ENS-like domain. If you own BAYC #123, you can receive ETH and NFTs by having people send them to 123.bayc.pfp. You can also create a profile where you attach any information you want to your NFT, or issue soul bound tokens to other NFTs. Check it out

Linagee Name Registrar

Created a resolver for LNR names allowing for funds and NFTs to be sent to "name.og"

Created a prototype identity contract allowing for arbitrary user data to be attached to a LNR name

LNR SWAP - Oct 2022
Created a trading contract and basic UI to give degens a place to trade unwrapped LNR names. The first on-chain trading for the oldest NFT contract on ETH happened here.

Derp Nation

DerpCraft - Apr 2022
Embedded a 3d minecraft clone on the ETH blockchain. This is the entire game in calldata. It allows players to save their worlds on-chain.
Game stored in calldata at this transaction

DerpNation Games - Apr 2022
Created a smart contract that allows for embedding entire games on-chain and making ERC1155 NFTs out of them

DerpNation PFP - Mar 2022
Created a derpy PFP smart contract that uses 80% of the mint funds to create an automatic market maker and loan provider inside the ERC721 contract for holders of the PFP

Pixel Pawn

Pixel Pawn - Feb 2022
Created a 100% decentralized NFT automatic market maker (but it has no liquidity at the moment)


Avime - Sept 2021
Wrote the smart contracts for Avime, a composable NFT that allows users to collect NFT trait cards and fuse them together to create their own PFP. All art is embedded on chains as base64 PNGs

Dead Token Society

Dead Token Society - Apr 2021
Created an NFT grave for your crypto hopes and dreams. Allows you to burn ERC-20 ICO tokens for an NFT grave and headstone